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Harmony Holistics Wirral

​​Harmony Holistics Wirral is committed to providing the highest quality complementary therapy service to our client's meeting our clients needs "holistically".

Everyday life, with its usual stresses, can cause imbalances in our body and mind. In addition, illnesses, injury or disease create further demands preventing the body from functioning in a balanced way. Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Deep Tissue massage, Hot Stones massage, Indian Head massage and Crystal Therapy can all assist the process of "re-balancing" the body and mind, relieve tension in muscles to help improve general well being.

Harmony Holistics Wirral provides tailor made Reflexology, Aromatherapy massage, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Deep Tissue massage, Crystal Therapy and Facial reflexology treatments. We use high quality essential oils specifically blended for each client, rather than pre blended oils.

Go to Harmony Holistics Wirral training to see what courses are available!

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Indian Head Massage CPD training

led by Debbie Hurst

Available to qualified therapists wishing to add an excellent new therapy to their practice.

indian head massage cpd training
indian head massage cpd training

Price of £TBC

Current course dates:
Friday 11th March 2022

For more details about the course, where its running and how to book, please follow this link to Book your
Indian Head Massage
CPD training

The course is run in collaboration with Gaia School of Natural Health.

Indian Head Massage training Testimonials

”A very full and enjoyable day with many practical opportunities and times for questions and discussions. I certainly feel confident and equipped to provide this for my clients now. I would thoroughly recommend this training for anyone interested in Indian Head Massage.“ Vicki Mullin (Reflexology with Vicki Mullin) 21-May-21

”A very enjoyable day learning a new skill in comfortable surroundings with a knowledgeable tutor. Material and content were fantastic. Totally recommend IHM CPD course. “ Rachel Cox (Puresole) 25-May-21

”An excellent short course CPD which will add real value to my professional practice. Good class size. A perfect starting point to the world of IHM. I feel confident enough following the completion of this course to offer it to my clients immediately.“ Stephanie Hughes (Ty Gwyn Reflexology) 30-Jul-21

”It was a very enjoyable day and it was good to learn a new skill. Debbie was a very warm and empathic tutor who clearly loves what she does. I would definitely recommend this course to others.“ Paula Vanderpeer (Reflexology) 31-Jul-21

”Excellent course for existing therapists, giving you all the tools you need to bring IHM into your practice. Practicals were particularly thorough and give you the skills required to start case studies, and gain confidence to begin this therapy.“ Lyn Ebbrell (Reflexology by Lyn) 11-Aug-21

Functional Reflex Therapy Workshops

led by Debbie Hurst

  • 2 workshops lasting 2½ hours each.
  • Relaxation techniques drawn from the Principles of Reflexology.
  • Simple to learn.
  • 7 step repetitive colour coded routine.

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Anyone wishing to learn an effective relaxation routine for coping with stress, anxiety and other behavioural challenges in both adults and children.

Commonly parents, grandparents and those caring for children or adults with neurological issues, such as autism, ADHD, Alzhimer's and Parkinisons to name a few.

It can help reduce anxiety, improve mood, induce relaxation, support well being, encourage social interaction and generally have a positive impact on the issues that affect individuals and people around them in many areas of their everyday lives.

NB. It is not for therapists or teaching staff as the attendance certificate does not qualify you to use in a business situation.

  • The first workshop gives background information to FRT
  • What working the feet and hands can do.
  • Happy chemicals.
  • A demonstration of the routine on the hands week 1 and the feet week 2.
  • Then there will be practical sessions for students to practice on each other.​

  • Introduction to FRT and Reflexology.
  • Handouts to take away.
  • Laminated A4 card with the relaxation sequence documented for future reference.
  • Feedback form.
  • On going support should you have any queries.
  • FRT drawstring toolkit bags should you wish to purchase one.
  • Towels, creams, wipes, couch roll and antibacterial gel for practical sessions.

To book please do so via the contact form. Within your message identify the course date you wish to attend and what you hope to gain from the course. Alternatively phone me on 07712 889212.

The cost of a workshop is usually £30 fully payable on booking.

Numbers will be limited.

You will be expected to practise on a fellow students hands and feet.

Please contact me regarding payment or any queries you may have on 07712 889212 or via my contact page.

General/Private FRT workshops:

Newton Village Hall, Newton, Wirral, CH48 8BJ.

Next dates to be confirmed

10:00am - 12:30pm

Schools FRT workshops:

For Schools bookings please contact Debbie to organise an appropriate date (venue: will be at your school).



** New ** One 2 One sessions are available by arrangement.
The costs for this private tuition is £30 (reduced from £40) for the session on the hands and £30 (reduced from £40) for the session on the feet plus travel costs.

Testimonials from parents who have attended the Functional Reflex Therapy Relaxation routine workshops:

4/9/18 Susan, Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside.

” It was my daughter’s first day in high school this morning and last night she was buzzing and couldn’t sleep. I was lay next to her talking to her when she asked me to do her feet. I did her feet and as I finished she said thank you and fell instantly to sleep. Why did I only do it as 12:30 am instead of 10 pm! Functional Therapy rocks!! :0“

4/7/18 Jane, from Upton, Wirral.

” Thanks for teaching me the FRT today. My son Finlay had a really difficult afternoon in school. So I gave him the visual for the therapy and did a full session. He loved it and then sat happily singing away ☺ He is happy to do it again and I am so glad I came and learnt it today. Many thanks xxx“

19/6/18 Susan, Newton-le-Willows, St Helens, Merseyside.

” I have been doing FRT with my kids now for just over a week and they love it, one of them is sleeping better. I did it on my parents the other day and they loved it. I am so glad I found you Debbie xxx“

19/6/18 Sally, Wallasey, Wirral.

” Hi all, just thought I’d share how we’ve been getting on at home. So far the FRT has become part of my son’s bedtime routine and he’s actually fallen asleep three times while I’ve been doing it! Miraculous. I’ve stopped doing it downstairs on the sofa and cunningly do it while he’s already in bed so if he does nod off I don’t have to move him ;0, I have also stared to use the rainbow routine on my Nanna. She’s 88 and has Alzheimers. Until our workshop I hadn’t even thought of doing anything like this for her, but she loves it (heart).“

10/6/18 Susan, West Kirby, Wirral Susan, West Kirby, Wirral.

” I am using hand/foot techniques (diff kids prefer diff massage) with success. It calms meltdowns, gives us quality time and seems to rejuvinate after a particularly bad day. As a parent it is lovely to have some control over the support I can give and after the kids will open up to talking about what is difficult for them. It’s 20 mins out of my day but they feel grounded, valued and loved for it. The techniques are easy to learn and the handouts make it easy to remember. I cannot recommend this course enough to other parents“

A video on Functional Reflex Therapy

For more information about FRT see the website



Harmony Holistics Wirral and Debbie Hurst DO NOT claim to cure or to diagnose any medical condition. The information provided on the Website, express or implied, is for the purposes of information only and is NOT given as professional medical advice, a means of diagnosis or treatment, nor is it intended to be a substitute thereof.

If you have a health problem, medical emergency, or a general health question, Harmony Holistics Wirral and Debbie Hurst always recommend you should consult your doctor. The products and or services provided by Harmony Holistics Wirral and or Debbie Hurst are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical conditions.

It is against the advice of Debbie Hurst to discontinue any medical treatment or advice currently being administered by qualified Medical Practitioners.

© Harmony Holistics Wirral | all Rights Reserved



© Harmony Holistics Wirral | all Rights Reserved